Behavioral Interview Questions by Competency: Commitment to Task

Behavioral Interview Questions: Commitment to Task

Commitment to task: ability to start and persist with specific courses of action while exhibiting high motivation and a sense of urgency; willing to commit to long hours of work and make personal sacrifice in order to reach goals.

  • Behavioral Interview Question: “Tell me about a time when you were able to provide your own motivation to produce even though you were working alone. What were the circumstances of the situation and how did you manage to motivate yourself?”
    Evaluating the candidate’s answer: Did the candidate have a performance strategy, which enhanced alertness, productivity, or efficiency? Was there compliance with a standard or requirement set by a team, manager, or organization?
  • Behavioral Interview Question: “Some individuals have a strong sense of urgency about getting results–others are more relaxed and less driven in their approach to work. Give me an example of a time when you had a sense of urgency about getting results.”
    Evaluating the candidate’s answer: Did the candidate take immediate action directed toward a specific objective, so that non-task activities and interests were given low priority while productivity and efficiency were of prime importance? Was there little emphasis on effectiveness/speed/efficiency?
  • Behavioral Interview Question: “Getting the job done may necessitate unusual persistence or dedication to results, especially when faced with obstacles or distractions. Tell me about a time in which you were able to be very persistent in order to reach goals. Be specific.”
    Evaluating the candidate’s answer: Did the candidate make an uncompromising commitment to a goal, as shown by long hours of work? Was there compliance to routine work requirements, perhaps in a mechanical/uninspired/fatalistic way?

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