Behavioral Interview Questions by Competency: Verbal Communication and Assertiveness

Behavioral Interview Questions: Verbal Communication and Assertiveness

Verbal Communication and assertiveness is the ability to clearly present information through the spoken word or written word; read an interpret complex information; listen well; Ability to maturely express one’s feelings and opinions in spite of disagreement; accurately communicates to others regardless of their status or position.

  • Behavioral Interview Question: “What have been your experiences in making presentations or speeches to small or large groups? What has been your most successful experience in speech making?”
    Evaluating the candidate’s answer: Did the candidate make a well-planned, tasteful presentation, perhaps involving use of visual aids, appropriate examples, and/or written speeches? Was there a lack of presentation experience, fear of public speaking, poor self-expression, and/or little awareness of presentation techniques?
  • Behavioral Interview Question: “Give me an example of a time when you had to be assertive in giving directions to others.”
    Evaluating the candidate’s answer: Did the candidate give firm, clear direction, perhaps with concern for another’s feelings? Was there an emotional reaction such as anger or anxiety?
  • Behavioral Interview Question: “Give me an example, taken from your experiences in report writing, preparation of memos, or general correspondence that illustrates the extent of your written communication skills.”
    Evaluating the candidate’s answer: Did the candidate describe professional skills in writing, including independent development of lengthy/creative/research documents or important business/professional correspondence? Were there activities, such as coding or preparation of documents, with little discretion on the candidate’s part?
  • Behavioral Interview Question: “What has been your experience in giving explanations or instructions to another person? Feel free to talk about your experiences in management, training, or coaching others.”
    Evaluating the candidate’s answer: Did the candidate make a clear, confident presentation in a manner consistent with the listener’s needs and abilities? Was there little preparation and/or fear/anxiety about the presentation?

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