Responsibilities of a Process Consultant

Responsibilities of a Process Consultant

A Process Consultant is a process expert who is part of the project team right from the project initiation till the project closure. The main responsibilities includes,

During Project Initiation

  • Participate in the project kick-off meeting
  • Help the project team in understanding the customer requirements, scope and expectations about the project
  • Identifying the necessary Quality Assurance mechanism for the project

During Project Planning

During Project Execution

  • Providing process support and ensure that there is no process violation.
  • Intimate quality manager on any process violation.
  • Review weekly process activity reports of the project
  • Participate in weekly meetings of the project
  • Review the monthly status report
  • Participate in reviews of monthly status reports
  • Send weekly Process Activity reports to the top management and the quality manager.
  • To routinely take the Quality and CM view in project’s technical screens
  • Assist the project team in closing the discontinuities and ensure that the project team closes all audit discontinuities by the target date

During Project Closure

  • Participate in the closure meeting of the project and contribute as to ‘what went right’ and ‘what went wrong’

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