How Can I Improve My English Essay-Writing?

How Can I Improve My English Essay-Writing

For many students, writing an essay in English is a real challenge and nightmare. They would even cheat and order it from services that will write an essay for you like However, this skill is essential for every intelligent person. My English teacher used to tell me that I hated writing essays because I did not know how to. And that is a key element to improving your essay-writing skills. You have to know the basic rules and practice a lot to achieve success, just like in anything else. We prepared five components of an effective essay that will help you enhance your writing skills.

Make It Compelling

A good essay is an interesting and engaging one. No matter how trivial it sounds, this is what many students forget about, paying attention only to the formal side: the correspondence of the type of essay and structure, the right choice of lexical and grammatical units, etc. A compelling essay fascinates the reader, makes him reflect, and return to this piece of work once again. The creative work should not be boring, because a mini-essay is not a task to translate active vocabulary or to open brackets. It is a form of expressing the author’s creative thought (this explains the popularity of this type of task at the faculties of creative work: journalism, advertising and public relations, mass communications, etc..) Undoubtedly, the same work cannot be interesting to everyone but you can definitely make it appealing to a certain number of people.

Connect The Dots

Do not take it literally. You have to make sure that the statement in the core of the essay is coherent and connected. There are several aspects of connection. First, the statement that is made and proved must be related to the subject of the essay. That is, to put it simply, the content of an essay must correspond to its topic. According to TopEssayGuiders, very often, in the course of developing the narrative, the student walks away from the original topic and replace the thesis without being noticed. Arguments in favor of a certain position should be linked to this very position. Students often offer some statement, but the arguments for a certain position are not quite relevant. Moreover, sometimes the author of an essay may end up with a completely different thesis when he arguments the statement made at the beginning.

Make It Contestable

It is a particularly interesting criterion. It does not mean at all that the statement or the work as a whole should be such that people can certainly dispute it. It should provoke the “yes, but” reaction. You should not try to make a statement that will be universal, i.e. suitable for any situation in life. On the contrary, readers should have a reaction like: “Yes, but what if we look at it from a slightly different position? Yes, but what if we change the situation a bit?”

Complicate It!

A good essay should be complex in the sense that it should not be primitive, obvious. Even when the work is based on a universally accepted statement, one should try to write about it within some restrictive context or add clarifications that make the statement more complicated.

Provide Clarity

Finally, the essay must be clear. Sometimes, in an effort to make the text complex and challenging, writers simply forget that its content should be clear not only to them but also to the readers. A clear, comprehensible essay is a structured essay. A logically constructed work almost always produces a more favorable impression than an unstructured flow of thoughts. The last rule is to understand the topic and look deep into the matter but still write it in a clear way for others.

Improve My English Essay-Writing

Following these simple rules while working on your next essay can help you achieve better results. However, you should always remember another rule—always check everything you write in your essay—from grammar and spelling to facts and statistics. You should not neglect to address dictionaries, attend libraries, and use grammar-checking tools to make sure your essay is perfect. If you feel like you need more practice, try starting a diary or writing a blog on any of the social media platforms. However, you should treat these activities as entertaining practical tasks, not just for fun.

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