Your Employees Cannot Read Your Mind

Your Employees Cannot Read Your Mind

You must communicate your expectations of your employees very clearly. Do not suppose that your employees know what you want them to do. Alas, they cannot read your mind. You may get annoyed, angry, and upset when they do not do what you expect them to do, but they cannot instinctively know what you want.

If you see an employee doing something wrong, it is your responsibility to let him know of what they have done wrong, explain the impact of their behavior, and suggest that they correct. Often, your employee might not have a clue that he is doing something the wrong way, and unless you point it out, he may never know. The fact that you know does no good unless you clearly spell it out.

Communicate. Be verbal. Praise the positive and tweak the negative. Explain the goals of the organization and convey the goals and actions of each employee to help to the company achieve its objectives.

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