Your Boss Steals Your Best Ideas

Your Boss Steals Your Best Ideas

Your boss steals your ideas? He takes credit for your ideas. And presents them as his own? Itching to call his sham and set the record straight?

Get over it. You cannot tattletale on your boss without seeming petty.

In the first place, ideas are overrated. When it comes to performance evaluation, execution of ideas—yours or others—is what matters more than the generation of ideas. In fact, most employees have no trouble generating great ideas. But very few are adept at choosing the ideas that have the best potential for impact and executing those ideas.

In the second place, never go over your boss’s head. If your boss stinks at his job, your boss’s boss will reckon your boss’s underperformance or incompetence without your intervention. If your boss is any good, just your complaint of him stealing your ideas might not be grounds for any action. In any case, a part of your boss’s job is to collate ideas from his organization and present them to the management.

Here is the upshot: you are making your boss look good. Brilliant employees know that the best way to make the boss like them is to make the boss look good amongst his peers and in the eyes of management. Think of your boss stealing your ideas as an investment: you are contributing some ideas in return for a better relationship with your boss.

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