You can be a Great Project Manager Too

A great project manager can tell the projects’ stakeholders exactly where they are in the project, when it’s likely to be completed, and by how much you will exceed or undershoot the project team’s budget. In addition to tracking the key variables on a project and keeping the project team, the stakeholders, and the customers informed about the progress of projects, here’s ten things you should do to become a great project manager and develop the confidence and methods to manage your projects effectively.

  1. You should be a great organizer
  2. You should communicate more often
  3. You should be honest with clients
  4. You should look for solution instead of ones to blame
  5. You should like to work with customers
  6. You should understand business story laying behind the project
  7. You should understand technical issues which appears during implementation
  8. You should not hesitate whether to escalate or deliver negative feedback whenever needed
  9. You should not cry over unfair opinions about your work and your projects
  10. You should always expect the unexpected

Recommended Book: ‘The One-Page Project Manager’ by Clark A. Campbell is one of the most productive methods available to summarize and communicate the real meaning of project management. The subtitle is Communicate and Manage Any Project With a Single Sheet of Paper. The project management practice suggested by Campbell is neither too complicated, nor too simple. For experienced project managers, this resource is definitely a technique to embrace for speedy, crystal-clear, and persistent communication with the project sponsors, the project team, and other stakeholders. This book is especially useful for managers who manage several projects at once. Such managers can use this one-page technique to track the projects promptly, succinctly, and reliably. Finding or improvising better ways of project management is tedious, costly, or not straightforward.

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