Where Introverts Excel as Leaders

Where Introverts Excel as Leaders

Let me demystify the myth of the conventional leader. Both introverts and extroverts are equally capable of being effective in their use of strengths to lead others.

Imagine the attributes most associated with leadership — extroversion, charisma, and enthusiasm. Not precisely the characteristics of introverts who are quiet, composed, attentive, perceptive and often fly under the radar.

Both introverts and extraverts can be just as successful but with different groups of employees. Very often, extraversion in leaders can hinder an organization’s performance, especially an extroverted leader leads many extraverts. In reality, new ideas often fail to thrive into gainful pursuits if everyone on a team is contributing ideas. In such situations, an introverted leader can pay attention to ideas of an extroverted team and process ideas to form a strategic vision for the organization.

An introverted leader, on the other hand, will be a poor leader of an organization with introverted team. Like the leader, everybody on the team excels in contemplation but fails in idea generation. Therefore, an extraverted leader benefits an introverted team.

However, introverts are not likely to engage in self-promotion. They tend to lag their extraverted peers in climbing the career ladder. The extroverted leaders can easily draw attention to them and easily fit the perceptions of great leaders.

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