Gifts are Crucial Marketing Tools

Gifts are crucial marketing tools. They can help your customers remember you throughout the year.

Marketing consultant Jodi Rudick suggests five occasions when business gifts can help solidify relationships with your customers and build your business. Jodi Rudick is the author of 101 Marketing Essentials Every Camp Needs to Know.

  • After the sale: Saying thank-you does more than complete the sale. It helps build the relationship.
  • After receiving referrals: The biggest compliment a sales person can receive is a referral. Send a thank-you immediately after receiving a referral.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrate the day you signed your first contract with a customer, making it a special date to salute each year.
  • Birthdays: Send your customers some birthday cheer, but not just a card. Be creative — send an entire party kit, complete with customized cakes, candles, hat, etc. All the excitement can make them feel special.
  • Holidays: Thinking beyond the traditional can make you stand out. Send a card or a gift on Halloween. Send a decorative jar of candles for Valentine’s Day, then each month send a refill along with product information, or an article that would interest the customer.
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