Want Change? First Change Yourself for the Better

Ways to change yourself

You may want to make a difference but don’t believe you have the resources (money, power, position) to create real results. You may feel powerless to change your company, but you do have what it takes—if you are willing to change yourself first.

Many find themselves unable or unwilling to make fundamental changes in their lives. Challenge is what happens. Your feelings about the change process largely determine their feelings about the outcome of the change process. Some people squander inordinate amounts of time and energy upset, angry, or frustrated by other people’s thoughts and behaviors. There’s no trick to stopping trying to change other people’s actions. One of life’s toughest lessons to learn is that you can only change yourself.

Here are eight ways to create change—for you:

  1. Curiosity: Learn on the run. If you’re not learning on the run, you’re, dying on the vine. Drop your defenses and take in all feedback. If you think, “That’s just the way I am and they are,” you increase inertia. Do not let fear stop you from trying something new. Become open to learning. Don’t justify your defiance. Take feedback any way you can get it If your boss delivers it in anger at high volume, extract what’s useful and move forward. Facilitate change by asking questions that will alter how you see yourself.
  2. Awareness: Awareness does not mean pushing oneself toward something or hanging on to something. Tap your body/mind intelligence. To make wise decisions, learn to use your multidimensional aptitude and intuition. Your body/mind wisdom invites you to slow down to go fast, leading you to deeper truth in making deals and decisions. It also helps in anticipating future trends and recovering from upsets and losses. Frequently, the principal obstacle is inertia. It’s true that it isn’t easy to change deep-seated habits. Nevertheless, steadily working toward change develops your odds of success.
  3. Commitment: You have to determine that you truly want to make a change, and that it is more significant than nearly anything else is. Simplify your commitments and streamline your life. It might take time but will be more than worth the effort: life is so much better once you have dedicated to making a change and initiate the time to do what you truly want to do. Brainstorm ways to leap over obstacles.
  4. Authenticity: Drop the roles that bind you Become authentic at work, and you’ll ecstatically thrive, regardless of the challenges. As long as you cling to personas like Victim (complaining), Villain (blaming), and Hero (sacrificing), the same problems keep showing up. When you start to feel a familiar murky, mucky, flattening of energy, get real. Your authentic behavior will empower everyone else to shift.
  5. Accountability: Take responsibility. Some people seem to feel more responsible for explaining their results than for achieving them. Accountability is insignificant without consequences. Accountable people make dependable agreements and take responsibility for their experiences and commitments. They look inside, wondering about their contribution to problems, rather than making them somebody else’s fault. They give frequent updates; they are reliable on deadlines; and they rarely drop the ball or manipulate reality to stand solo in the spotlight.
  6. Candor: Tell the truth. Truth instantaneously gets all the information out on the table so everyone involved can quickly make the right decisions with the benefit of all details and opinions. True power and enormous speed result when people deal directly with the truth and with one another. Do not hide from the real issues. Face the possibility of real change.
  7. Genius: Anything worth having is worth working for. Genius is repeatedly the differentiating feature between those who fail and those who succeed. Awaken your sleeping giant. Focus your energy on capitalizing on your talents and strengths. Get “good enough” at basic skills, then optimize your natural gifts. Recognize where you don’t need to be a genius and delegate those areas to others. When you align your purpose and genius our job and your company’s productivity, satisfaction and joy skyrocket.
  8. Appreciation: Express your gratitude. Vibrant, collaborative relationships require a ratio of 5:1 positive experiences to negative ones. Appreciating a personal quality, rather than a skill, usually touches people more deeply than appreciating contributions, behaviors, or abilities. Where achievable, praise with action, not just words. Feeling thankful and expressing that thanks makes you happier and heartier about the change process.

Change is rarely as easy as you think it will be. If you shift your own thought and take observable action, you unleash the power to change. These seven actions can change your life.

Welcome the next change in your life. Your next determination determines the future of your world.

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