Highest Variety of Religious Belief

Subtle Forces Contribute to Our Freedom

Subtle Forces Contribute to Our Freedom A number of subtle forces contribute to our freedom. One of them is the fact of our limitations.

There is a common notion that to be free means to have the capacity of moving in any direction, without impediment or interference. However, this is not altogether true. The young man, who stands before the crossroads of his life, with many vocational opportunities beckoning him, is not free. Too many pressures are crushing him. He becomes free when he has resolved his dilemma and has accepted some limitation upon his life.

True freedom lies in expanding sufficiently to allow the fulfillment of one’s possibilities. However, growth can occur only in a particular direction. Among the conditions of freedom is the elimination of diversions, of distracting influences that would detour us away from the main course of our lives. Marriage commits a man to a particular woman. In that sense, it is a limitation, which contributes to freedom, for it, releases a man from pursuing every attractive woman who crosses his path.

Life offers too many possibilities. The attempt to pursue them all would spell a tragic dissipation of our strength and frustrate our hope of great achievement. The elimination of alternatives, the reduction of our goals to manageable proportions, is a true prerequisite of freedom. Life can be free only when it is lived within a boundary.

Pleasures of a More Immaterial Kind

Pleasures of a More Immaterial Kind That is why exercise is about turning around, reconditioning, getting out of that mind-state, and discovering a radically dissimilar kind of happiness that is not so vulnerable, that does not lead to endless dissatisfaction. Even so, moral philosophy is simply a basis for making individual decisions, and to each his own. Ramon Alcoberro, Professor of Ethics at the Universitat de Girona, once wrote,

In addition (apparently this is known as the “Pareto optimum’), it turns out that from a certain level of use of a good, the pleasure to be obtained from that good begins to decline dangerously, to the extent that an increase in accumulation does not necessarily lead to greater happiness. In other words, if we have one jumper, buying or otherwise obtaining another one will double our sense of well-being; but when someone has thirty jumpers, getting a new one does not make them any happier and, at most, means they will have problems finding somewhere to put it. ….

The question …. is very simple: once you have obtained a certain level of well-being or happiness, is it worth striving for more, or would it not be better to live a more relaxed life devoted, perhaps, to pleasures of a more immaterial kind or, at least, to ones which are difficult to express in quantifiable terms?

When I am trusting and being myself as fully as possible, everything in my life reflects this by falling into place easily, often miraculously. All my life through, the new sights of nature made me triumph like a child. Voting is like a step function its differential coefficient is zeroing so fringy behavior is irrelevant.

Hence, it is exactly among the heretics of every age that we find men who were filled with this highest variety of religious belief and were in many cases considered by their contemporaries as atheists, sometimes too as saints. It makes everyone feel well heeled. The one conversation rule provides just tolerable structure that people know where they fit. They know what is expected and do not feel the need to strike or grandstand.

As persona to be used for timelessness must be formed in time and in good time, so good habits to be used for happiness in this lifespan must be formed early on; and then they will be a treasure to be sought after in the house of the wise, and an oil of life in their home. Everything was turned upside down. More money will be raised in this fashion than by the common method of compensating for the short allowance account, by making it collectable at bone, and the humble extra expense is no thoughtfulness in comparing to the wellness of the men.

They cannot comprehend what it is to do for them: how should they? If they could see what it would do for them, it could not be originality. While taking the word in the sublimated sensation we shall maintain images and meanings, which are associated with the substantial sense.

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