The Pursuit of Happiness

The Pursuit of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is the ultimate goal of everyday endeavors. Every human being feels that happiness is his undeniable right. Everybody treasures the same ideals of happiness. Happiness is therefore a manifestation of the essence of our being and all our considered actions.

Far too often, our active endeavors focus far more on melancholy, depression, unhappiness, anxiety and other negative emotions. How about a refreshing perspective on what makes people happy? Do happy people belong to a particular age, gender, country, or race? Does material wealth translate to well-being? What traits and pursuits might perhaps lead one to happiness?

Happiness is a choice that requires effort. Lasting happiness doesn’t, come from achieving goals. If you long for something, aim to achieve fame, fortune, or freedom of some sort, happiness doesn’t necessarily ensue. You might be elated or joyous initially. However, in due course, you would find your feet and acclimatize to your new circumstances and your life would go again to its regular blend of emotions. You relapse, and find new needs to pursue happiness.

Happiness is not a goal not a consequence Therefore, unhappiness is caused by unawareness of this vicious cycle of wants and needs. Real happiness comes from a feeling of inner harmony and gratification and not from material wants. Accomplishment in life is achieving what you wish for. Happiness is being content with what you get.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a consequence

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