The Power of Time Off

The Power of Time Off

Businesses have started recognizing the risks of ever-wired, overworked employees. Even when employees do go away on vacations, they don’t really get away. Even if they moan about how intensely they’re working away, constantly rushed off their feet, and too used up to truly vacate, the aversion to take meaningful time off is less about working too much and more about self-delusion and vanity. There is no employee who is so indispensable that his team and organization will collapse when he is away from work. Refusing to take a vacation and disconnect from work easily burns you out and wreaks your productivity and creativity. Lack of meaningful vacation has been proved to be the leading cause of work mistakes, anger, and bitterness towards employers, peers and customers.

Do yourself a favor. Disconnect. By disconnecting from the world, you will realize that your time moves really slow. You will get to enjoy each moment — something that you habitually neglect in your chaotic world. Vacations are for cherishing what you’ve missed when you’ve been busy. And vacations are for rejuvenating — vacation time is more valuable than the time that simply flies by because you are indirectly doing something to help doing what you are really passionate about.

  • Break from the routine and freshen your attitude on work.
  • Set aside time to be with loved ones and meaningfully connect to them
  • Don’t try to do too many things on your vacation. Stop to smell the roses.
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