The Myth of Life-long Employment


The sense of long-term loyalty in business is no more. Neither do employers have a sense of enduring devotion to their employers, nor do employers guarantee life-long employment.

Currently, when employees enter the workforce straight from college, they do not expect to wait for several years to be promoted to positions where they can make an impact and expect to make good money in return.

They simply want to “make it” right off the bat. They are about as energized and stimulating a group of youth as ever seen. They are ambitious and have a sense of entitlement.

Young employees do not expect to stay at the same company for their whole career anymore. They have become conscious of the reality of the modern work place. They realize that there is no sense of job security and moving up the ladder to success is not a given. They are subject to termination from the companies they have devoted themselves to for years together. Unlike their parents, nor do they expect to be automatically rewarded for hard work.

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