The Arrogant Mind

The Arrogant Mind The arrogant mind is fed by the delusion of man’s self-sufficiency. The person who recognizes his limitations will necessarily, feel modest about himself and, ever enthusiastic to broaden his point of view will reach out with compassion and gratitude towards new truths, regardless of their source.

On the other hand, he who lives by the illusion of his own sufficiency will close his mind to the world, remaining hostile towards those who bring him new ideas, since he regards his own truth, his own life, as complete, without need of amplification.

The arrogant mind is one more defense mechanism that keeps the narcissist a legend in his own mind, free from the stain of the imperfection of other human beings.

The arrogant are guilty of the idolatry of self-worship. It is only God who is beyond the need of amplification, because only He is self-sufficient, only He is perfect. And when men presume to be possessors of the full truth, to be complete and self-sufficient beings, they arrogate to themselves the characteristics belonging to God.

The arrogant man will be puffed up with pride and exalt himself over his fellow creatures. He may make an impressive external show, but his life will be barren. He may believe that they are greater than the cause.

The mountains make a grand appearance, but they are rocky and unproductive. They cannot retain the water, which alone nourishes life, and sustains new growth. Water settles in the valley. It is the lowlands, which yield the greatest bounty for humankind.

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