Ten Commandments of Great Communication

Ten Commandments of Great Communication

  • Keep it short. Be concise without being boring.
  • Keep it focused. Decide on your objective. Prepare your message. Delete everything unrelated to your objective.
  • Keep it simple. Use little words.
  • Open with a grabber. Start with an interesting fact or story.
  • Do not apologize. Present yourself as an expert. Don’t use qualifiers like “I think.”
  • Use action verbs.
  • Edit everything. Never settle for your first draft of anything.
  • Be honest. If you do not know, say so. Do not lie to people.
  • Be a good receiver. When someone speaks, listen.
  • Ask questions to clarify. Ask for an explanation when you do not understand.

Recommended Reading: ‘Great Communication Secrets of Great Leaders’ by John Baldoni discusses the communication and persuasion skills of some of the great communicators selected of the twentieth century. Baldoni discusses developing the message, delivering the message, and sustaining the message.

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