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Yes Minister Christmas Special Sketch: “Christmas at the Ministry”

Yes Minister Christmas Special Sketch: Christmas at the Ministry

A two-minute Christmas-themed television sketch, featuring Paul Eddington as the Rt Hon. Jim Hacker, Nigel Hawthorne as Sir Humphrey Appleby, and Derek Fowlds as Bernard Woolley, was broadcasted on BBC One as part of a Christmas special named The Funny Side of Christmas.

Sir Humphrey has a special end-of-year message for the Minister, delivered in what is even by his standards an especially circumlocutory style. His message is transcribed here:

Jim Hacker: Are there more, Bernard?

Bernard Woolley: Before you go home for the holiday, Minister, Sir Humphrey has something to say to you.

'Yes Minister The Complete Collection' by Paul Eddington Nigel Hawthorne (ISBN B00008DP4B) Sir Humphrey: Oh thank you, Bernard. Minister, just one thing. I wonder if I might crave your momentary indulgence in order to discharge a by no means disagreeable obligation which has, over the years, become more or less established practice within government circles as we approach the terminal period of the year, calendar, of course, not financial, in fact, not to put too fine a point on it, Week Fifty-One, and submit to you, with all appropriate deference, for your consideration at a convenient juncture, a sincere and sanguine expectation, indeed confidence, indeed one might go so far as to say hope, that the aforementioned period may be, at the end of the day, when all relevant factors have been taken into consideration, susceptible of being deemed to be such as to merit a final verdict of having been by no means unsatisfactory in its overall outcome and, in the final analysis, to give grounds for being judged, on mature reflection, to have been conducive to generating a degree of gratification which will be seen in retrospect to have been significantly higher than the general average.

Jim Hacker: What’s he talking about?

Bernard Woolley: Well, Minister, I think Sir Humphrey just wanted to crave your momentary indulgence in order to discharge a by no means disagreeable obligation…

'The Complete Yes Minister' by Jonathan Lynn,? Antony Jay (ISBN 0563206659) Jim Hacker: Alright, alright, Bernard! Hum…but Humphrey…

Sir Humphrey: At the end of the day, Minister, all due things being considered…

Jim Hacker: Hum…don’t, don’t, just forget the…

Sir Humphrey: Yes, Minister?

Jim Hacker: Are you saying “Happy Christmas”?

Sir Humphrey: Yes, Minister!

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Police Service Statement as Quoted on British Sitcom “The Thin Blue Line”

In “Rag Week,” the fourth episode of the first series of the British TV SeriesThe Thin Blue Line,” Inspector Raymond Fowler of the Gasforth police station quotes the police service statement of common purpose and values.

The purpose of the Police Service is to uphold the law fairly and firmly:

  • to prevent crime
  • to pursue and bring to justice those who break the law
  • to keep the Queen’s Peace
  • to protect, help and reassure the community
  • and to be seen to do all this with integrity, common sense and sound judgement.

The Thin Blue Line, BBC Sitcom The episode “Rag Week,” like the rest of the two-series of episodes in the BBC sitcom “The Thin Blue Line,” was directed by John Birkin and written by Ben Elton.

The episode “Rag Week” first aired on BBC on 04-Dec-1995. Inspector Raymond Fowler was played by Rowan Atkinson. Supporting Rowan Atkinson as uniformed police officers in “Rag Week” were Serena Evans as Sergeant Patricia Dawkins, James Dreyfus as Constable Kevin Goody, Mina Anwar as Constable Maggie Habib, and Rudolph Walker as Constable Frank Gladstone. The CID unit at the Gasforth Police Station consisted of David Haig as Detective Inspector Derek Grim, Kevin Allen as Detective Constable Robert Kray, and Joy Brook as Detective Constable Crockett.

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