25 Best Quotes on Managing Change

“We are all prisoners of our past. It is hard to think of things except in the way we have always thought of them. But that solves no problems and seldom changes anything.” — Charles Handy (b. 1932), British Management Guru “Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until […]

Nine Elements of Organizational Performance

Motivation: Inspiring and encouraging employees to perform and stay Coordination and Control: Measuring and evaluating business performance and risk Innovation: Generating a flow of ideas so that the organization is able to adapt Leadership Team: Ensuring leaders shape and inspire the actions of others to drive better performance Direction: Articulating where the organization is heading […]

How Amtrak Deals with Daylight Time Changes

When the clocks go forward an hour in Spring, Amtrak trains just run an hour behind and try to make up for the delay during the rest of the trip. In Fall, when the clocks go back an hour, Amtrak simply stops its trains in the station immediately after the time change, wait one hour […]

Top Performers Make Corporate Values Visible and Champion Them

Most companies have precise corporate values, usually containing strong positive cultures and corporate philosophies. Corporate values can help companies engage consumers and employees. It is a company’s values that help bring about the kind of business behavior that the company needs to achieve it’s strategic and operative objectives. Organizational changes—especially those are strategic—require a completely […]