Stop Micromanaging


Many managers micromanage, many more than recognize it in themselves.

To some managers, micromanage is an outcome of a pursuit of perfection. Such managers cannot delegate well. And, when they delegate, they try to control their employees every step much to the peril of the employees’ learning and sense of autonomy.

To others, jyo micromanagement is about authority and power and to some degree, it is. Such managers tend to lack confidence, are not trusting of their employees, and lack the ability to develop an accountable and productive work environment.

Sometimes, micromanagers lack in feedback skills. They hesitate to provide candid, timely, and direct feedback to their employees.

If you find yourself micromanaging, ask for some coaching on how to delegate, set expectations, and hold your employees accountable. Begin by letting your teams know that you trust their ability to do their job and offer to lessen your involvement in their day-to-day work. Assure them you are available should they need you.

As you learn to micromanage less and improve your management style, you will improve the effectiveness of your employees and develop their confidence. Also, micromanaging less enables you to focus on the more important work and thus improve the quality of your own work. You will also improve the working relationships with your employees.

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