States with the Lowest Tax Burdens

States with the Lowest Tax Burdens

To rank the state’s tax burdens, the Tax Foundation compared the total taxes that state residents pay as a percentage of per capita income. Included in the total taxes are local taxes such as property taxes and local sales taxes.

States With The Lowest Taxes

The states whose residents pay the least in taxes are:

  1. Alaska at 6.4% of income
  2. Nevada at 6.6% of income
  3. Wyoming at 7% of income
  4. Florida at 7.4% of income
  5. New Hampshire at 7.6% of income

It’s interesting to note that none of these states have an individual state income tax.

States With The Highest Taxes

At the bottom of the Tax Foundation’s rankings were these states, with the highest tax burdens in the nation:

  1. New Jersey at 11.8% of income
  2. New York at 11.7% of income
  3. Connecticut at 11.1% of income
  4. Maryland at 10.8% of income
  5. Hawaii at 10.6% of income
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