Star Performers: The Winner’s Difference

Star Performers: The Winner's Difference

To succeed as a leader and climb the corporate ladder, you need to learn how to recognize your technical and behavioral blind spots and overcome them. In good times, blind spots are bothersome and frustrating; in tough times, blind spots can be deadly and can be career limiting. After engaging people—family, friends, and peers—in providing career feedback, great leaders are able to develop a professional development agenda in a compelling way by acknowledging the reality of the challenge and developing an idealistic vision for lifting their careers.

Here are the capabilities to people who have a good chance of becoming CEOs-and what elite candidates do in addition in order to become great, develop their leadership potential, and gain the valuable edge over their competition.

  • Good leaders are star performers. Great leaders make success look effortless.
  • Good leaders are intense and driven to excel. Great leaders allow for others’ performance to be recognized too.
  • Good leaders work hard, usually harder than peers. Great leaders manage energy to stay on the rested edge, not the ragged edge.
  • Good leaders enthusiastically back initiatives that will help others succeed. Great leaders know when to hold back and when to let go.
  • Good leaders are leaders among peers. Great leaders enable peers to improve their performance.
  • Good leaders understand new ways of doing things and make important connections. Great leaders stay grounded and make sure basic needs are met while mastering new concepts
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