A To-Do List is nothing but a Wish List – Shorten It

To-Do List Typically, people’s to-do lists are teeming with loads of short-term action items and more than a few longer-term projects.

Most people have trouble crossing off more than a half of the list. In addition, the accumulation of tasks is never-ending; for every task they get done, they tend to add three new tasks to their list. No wonder then that whenever they look at their to-do lists, they feel besieged with work and disheartened that there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Keep your to-do list short. Do not use your to-do list as a dumping ground for all your thoughts and future projects. List only the items you like to achieve in the short term, say the next two weeks.
  • Your to-do list can be a tool that guides you through your work. Block times on your calendar for big-picture thinking. Setting aside time for thinking will help focus on your current goals. Focus on the top few urgent tasks for the day. Toss or delegate the others.
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