How to Sell Change in a Positive Way

Companies and people have a limited capacity for change. That is because, even though companies and people are unhappy about some aspects of their processes and their companies, they are not unhappy enough to actually do something about it or, worse, embrace change. Therefore, effective change agents do not go around their organizations shouting about change. A great way to bring about transformation is tread carefully and not disturb the ecosystem and bring gradual change through proactive measures and constant monitoring.

Change Ahead Understand that you can never truly be fully equipped from that which is wholly new. You have to adjust yourself continuously in response to the external environment. Embracing adjustment is always a crisis in self-esteem. You have to prove yourself in every test. Develop the self-confidence to face sweeping calls for change without inner vacillations.

Take a small step first and earn the credibility. If your first task contains a risk and even if you make a mistake, people are willing to grant you some latitude and realize an opportunity to learn.

Deal with the negativities directly. Resist the temptation to ignore negativities at the same time as attempting to sell the positive aspects of changes. Acknowledge the fear and frustration of change and seek participation from all levels of the organization.

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