Personal Development: “Am I finished yet?”

Personal Development

Everybody is pursuing personal development, self-help, spiritual growth, and skills expansion. They speak in terms of goals, outcomes, success, desires and dreams. There is a deluge of personal coaches, blogs, movies, books, classes, and various other sources of information and guidance. When do they know they are done? When do they answer the key question, “Am I finished yet?”

The simple answer is, never. Most people have short-term and long-term development targets. They begin by working on small goals and might be enticed to stop once they achieve their small goals. In some sense, they are done. They wanted to be free from old patterns that caused some problems and they have gotten over them. Nevertheless, they quickly realize that the issue at hand is still persistent. Alternatively, they have discovered some other theme to focus their attention on. On balance, deliberate human endeavor consists of steady stream of psychological, physical, and spiritual transformation. Therefore, to achieve life goals, people make progress little by little. Through personal inquiry, deep reflection, coaching, and relentless refinement, people discover and reach their potentials. The key is to understand why they want to achieve what they want to achieve.

The response to the “Am I finished yet?” question is really, “What do I mean by ‘finished’?”

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