Do you need a boss?


Bosses do not necessarily do everything in this list. They are supposed to. And, good bosses do.

  • Your boss establishes direction for your work
  • Your boss sets your priorities
  • Your boss tells you what is urgent and what is important
  • Your boss organizes your work and your time
  • Your boss takes blame for your mistakes
  • Your boss stands up for you in tough times
  • Your boss gives you somebody to complain about
  • Your boss gives you somebody to complain to
  • Your boss gives you somebody to seek help from
  • Your boss is the anchor of your network at work
  • Your boss connects you to upper management
  • Your boss passes on organizational information from upper management
  • Your boss makes sure your work matters
  • Your boss gives you a shield of protection in case your work gets questioned
  • Your boss pays you, no matter what problems your organization faces
  • Your boss serves as an immediate role model
  • Your boss pays for everything you need to work
  • Your boss delegates important work for you
  • Your boss plans your professional development
  • Your boss approves your vacation and flextime
  • Your boss cares about your wellbeing and satisfaction
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