How to Lead A Life of Integrity

How to Lead A Life of Integrity

Living a whole life means doing things in a way that is consistent with our values and vision—standing firm on tough issues and making difficult choices. Here are four ways to achieve integrity and become a Trust Me leader.

  • Gain a firm understanding of the principles that guide your life. And have confidence in those principles to instill and build integrity. Bold acts issue from an unshakable assurance. Know the values and principles that drive your behavior. Only then will you have the confidence to act boldly in spite of peer pressures or prevailing opinions.
  • Act boldly when faced with compromising decisions and actions. You will have no fear when you are founded on values and driven by a deep need to maintain a life of integrity and trust.
  • Approach all you do with a joyful, positive, uplifting mindset. The pursuit of integrity requires what is best and noble in your character. You can’t afford the polluting influence of a negative outlook. Stay focused on the positive. Be true to your vision and values. When you are one person in the mirror and another person to employees, doubt will overshadow your attitude and your performance.
  • Balance competence with character. Trustworthiness is based on both character (what you are) and competence (how well you do what you do.) You may have one quality and not the other. But when integrity is the cornerstone of your character and competence is clear, you will be a leader people can trust.

Building trust takes time. We can inspire trust through our integrity, but years of baggage associated with us or our leadership style can slow the process. Patience is necessary as we seek the trust of others.

Integrity, with the trust it creates, is a leader’s most valuable asset. It is difficult to build a company without it.

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