How to Keep Track of Project Details

Project Management

Besieged with project data? Inundated with project reports? Weighed down by requests from management to present details? So many minutiae that you often feel a lost in details and sense a lack of control of your project? Feel you cannot find time to do everything you are required to?

Rest your mind. You are not alone; most project managers face similar frustrations during managing projects.

Project management involves its fair bit of challenges. What aggravates these challenges is the fact that a project manager typically has no direct authority over the project team members, especially in matrix organizations.

The biggest mistake project managers make, especially when project management responsibilities are new, is that they fail to include the higher-level abstraction aspects of project management in their project plans. They fail to include how the project is managed as a key deliverable of the project. This plan should comprise of all of the tasks required to complete the following characteristics of project management:

  • Frequency and scope of meetings of the project team
  • On-going management of the project schedule, its budget, and manpower
  • Frequency and scope of meetings with sponsors and customers
  • Means of monitoring and controlling project objectives and deliverables
  • Process to understand and manage project risks
  • Process to manage changes in the definition of all aspects of the project
  • The frequency and audience for project reports and status, and other internal and external communications
  • Process for evaluation of the progress of a project and its eventual closeout

Good project management is about being in control of your own time, over and above the progress of the project.

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