Keep a Gratitude Journal

Keep a Gratitude Journal

One way you can make life more pleasant, more gratifying, and more deeply peaceful, is to cultivate the attitude of gratitude. Reflecting on the positive experiences, feelings, and relationships in your life can be a source of great joy. Intensifying your ability for meaningful and steadfast positive reception of life’s favors and being grateful to others is one of the surest paths to wellbeing and satisfaction in life. It is hard to overstate the health- and mood-boosting gifts of the attitude of gratitude.

A simple gratitude journal is an effective way to recognize the things that brighten your life, and help you turn your focus away from incessant negative thoughts, feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Buy a simple journal from your favorite store and shelve it by your bed. At the end of each day, before you go to bed, spend a few minutes writing about one thing in your day that you feel richer for the experience and makes you grateful. Take pleasure in enjoyable sights or sounds, and simple experiences such as watching your pet play, a picturesque sunset, a child’s accomplishment, a hug from your loved ones, or a call from a friend or relative. Record and rejoice in your own undertakings and creative projects — large and small. Invoke the experience in your mind and record some details about it. Spend a few minutes bringing your feelings, elation, the thrill of the moment and delight in the experience again.

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