How to Increase Accountability


The modern organization is a meritocracy. Meritocracy leads to a performance culture — a culture that treats everybody equally.

Every employee’s contribution to the organization can and should be measured. Failure to set obvious and measurable performance standards expected of each employee leads to poor performance and employee dissatisfaction.

Success should never be open to interpretation. Here are five aspects of setting performance goals and thus increasing employee accountability.

  1. Discuss the desired results of outcomes
  2. Avoid the temptation to discuss how each goal must be achieved. Describe the guiding principles and procedures and tools available and set general strategies.
  3. List the available resources — the organizational budget, manpower resources, equipment
  4. Do not give detailed directions on how task needs to be accomplished unless expressly asked for.
  5. Employees desire to be a part of an initiative larger than their own individual efforts. They naturally bind to a mission to fight for in an environment they can trust. Explain the big picture and how each employee’s performance fits into the organization’s goals.
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