How to Relax After Work

How to Relax After Work

'Five Good Minutes in the Evening' by Jeffrey Brantley, Wendy Millstine (ISBN 1572244550) When you drag yourself home after a crazy-hectic day, steer clear of all e-mails and voice mails, at least initially, suggests Jeffrey Brantley, MD, and Wendy Millstine in their book “Five Good Minutes in the Evening” Their subtitle: ‘100 Mindful Practices to Help You Unwind from the Day and Make the Most of Your Night.’

“E-mails and voice messages perpetuate the constant busyness, hurry, and worry of modern life,” says Brantley, director of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, part of the Duke University Health System’s Integrative Medicine Program. “It’s important to step back from those things from time to time and give yourself some space.”

To do just that, set aside a certain period (between 30 minutes and an hour) to let go of the need to respond to other people-electronically, that is. Sit in a comfortable place for a short while and remind yourself that your serenity and peace of mind, for those precious moments, are yours to savor.

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