How Students Jumpstart Their Future Leadership Success

Student Leadership Success

The following practices can assist college students sharpen their leadership skills for future use in their community and corporate careers:

  • Get in the habit of asking the people you lead, “What can I do to help you succeed?” and “What do we need to do differently to achieve a new level of success?” Management guru and organizational philospher Peter Drucker has said that the leader of the past knew how to tell, while the leader of the future will know how to ask.
  • Great leaders are great learners. In every important communication —whether a success or failure—ask yourself, “What can I learn from what just happened?”
  • The greatest test faced by leaders is not understanding the practice of leadership. The greatest challenge is practicing their understanding of leadership. Understanding what to do is comparatively easy—doing it can be very difficult!
  • The most common problem of the leaders is “winning too much!” Before trying to win a point, stop—breathe—and ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” In many cases, your connection with the person you are speaking to is far more important than the point you are trying to win.
  • The difference between a great leader and a great achiever is simple. With a great individual achiever—success is because of me. With a great leader (or even a great team player)— success is because of them.
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