How Innovators Cultivate New Insights

Put Your Creativity to Work

If it were possible to discover the inner workings of the minds of the masters, what could the rest of us learn about how innovation really happens?

The habits of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, and other innovative CEOs reveal much about the underpinnings of their creative thinking. Research shows that the four patterns of action help innovators cultivate new insights and distinguish the most innovative entrepreneurs from other executives.

  • Questioning allows innovators to break out of the status quo and consider new possibilities.
  • Through observing, innovators detect small behavioral details – in the activities of customers, suppliers, and other companies -that suggest new ways of doing things.
  • In experimenting, they relentlessly try on new experiences and explore the world.
  • And through networking with individuals from diverse backgrounds, they gain radically different perspectives.

'Where Good Ideas Come From' by Steven Johnson (ISBN 1594485380) For more on the role of luck in innovation, read ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’ by Steven Johnson. Steven’s book centers around the idea that innovation comes about when ideas from different people interact with each other. The most inventive organizations will create an environment where diverse ideas are free to emerge, and connect, in unexpected ways in a matter of serendipitous connections where people, environments and ideas meet. ‘Where Good Ideas Come From’ is full of with enthralling anecdotes from the history of entrepreneurship and scientific invention.

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