Good and Great Managers

Great Managers

As they move up the organizational ladder, most managers do not recognize that the leadership traits that made them successful in their previous roles are not necessarily the qualities that will allow them to stand out in their new roles. These qualities would include helping others succeed, partnering with others, forming coalitions, managing relationships and alliances, determining where and when to shift one’s focus, and learning to appreciate different perspectives. Here are some attributes that differentiate the good and the great.

  • Good managers are excellent performers; great managers make success look graceful.
  • Good managers are passionate and determined to excel; great managers allow for others to be recognized too.
  • Good managers work intensely, more intensely than their peers; great managers control their energies to stay on the rested edge, not the ragged edge.
  • Good managers passionately sponsor initiatives that will help others succeed; great managers know when to hold back and when to let go.
  • Good managers are leaders among peers; great managers enable peers to improve their performance.
  • Good managers understand new ways of doing things, network, and make important connections; great managers stay grounded and make sure that they satisfy all the basic needs while concurrently mastering new concepts.
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