Give Employees the Attention They Deserve

Give Employees the Attention They Deserve

Many supervisors have limited time on hand to plan and conduct their face-to-face meetings with their employees. In the busy world of today’s work, most of the interactions between supervisors and employees are unforeseen, rarely prepared for apriori and take place ad hoc. In any interaction, especially in the ones not previously anticipated, managers tend to focus on the problem of the day or current business circumstances, rather than deliberating about the factors that might be relevant to their employees’ personal needs in the present circumstances.

Managers can have a better interaction by starting every face-to-face interaction with their employees in the same way by gaining their receptive attention. Doing this is easy. All the manager needs to do is to give full attention. The manager should stop, look their employees in their eyes and actively listen to the opinions of the employees. Employees who recognize that their managers are giving full attention automatically tend to respond with their full attention. Giving full attention to an employee through active listening enables a manager to make a relational personal contact.

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