Isn’t Getting Started the Hardest Part of Writing?


For many people the most terrible part of the writing experience is the very beginning of the writing process. During a “writer’s block,” the author loses the ability to produce new work, immediately or temporarily. Writer’s block can be as trifling as having difficulty with the writing task. On a longer timescale, writer’s block can put together the conditions where authors are unable to write for an extended period. American poet William Stafford once said, “There is no such thing as writer’s block for writers whose standards are low enough.”

  • The best way to become a better writer is to write more. You need to write a lot before you can write well.
  • When writing an initial draft, do not worry whether your writing is good or bad. Just keep working at it as your ideas flow. Fill the paper or the computer screen with the ideas that emanate in your mind.
  • Let that of the urge to pass judgment on writing as you write. Write as long as you can write. Your drivel and unstructured ramblings can result in an emerging pattern or structure.
  • Set aside a certain time of your day for your writing. Be disciplined about using this time to focus on your writing and not procrastinating. Inspiration does not happen until after you sit down and begin.
  • Read a lot about your subject areas of interest. Reading is an effective way to learn about writing and get ideas for your writing. When reading, pay attention to the structure and presentation of ideas.
  • Work in brief, regular sessions. Switch places where you sit and write.
  • Carry with you a journal or a pocket-sized notebook in which you can scribble ideas as they occur to you.
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