Ten Time-Tested Headliners to Get Attention in Targeted & Direct Marketing Email

Targeted & Direct Marketing Email

Today, businesses have a host of marketing options at their disposal, making mass marketing far too crude. With its low cost, email marketing is the most cost-effective advertising method available today. Better yet, email marketing beats other targeted advertising and mass-media forms of advertising from a measurability standpoint.

Try these techniques to generate enough interest in the first paragraph of a sales letter, promotional email, or targeted direct mail to convince readers to move to paragraph two. Or use these as headlines.

  • Begin with your number one promotion: “You’ll quickly learn how to …”
  • Employ a <2 user-testimonial: “I used this program for only two weeks and learned how to …”
  • Pose a teaser that readers must answer the way you want them to: “Are you …” “Have you …” “Do you …”
  • Establish curiosity with a news-type opening: “Announcing …” or “Finally, a new simple way to …”
  • Make it sound exclusive: “You’re one of the very first people to receive this offer.”
  • Pat readers on the back: “We picked you to receive this special offer because of you’re…”
  • Initiate interest with creative story-telling: “You’re wasting your time!” the CEO bellowed. “It just won’t work!”
  • Persuade to use their imagination: “Imagine how you’ll feel once you’ve wrapped your fingers around …”
  • Make them curious: “270,000 people want to hear this preposition.”
  • Assume something: “I’ve reserved in your name a …”
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