Four Pillars of Corporate Strategy

Four Pillars of Corporate Strategy

  1. To increase the value of the company by means of long-term value creation, increased revenues, and sustained profitability across all business segments. Corporate value forms the foundation of the investment strategy for shareholders and other stakeholders, viz., customers, employees, suppliers, and business partners. By pursuing value-based management and rational decision-making processes, a company can develop its product- and service-portfolio consistently, and restructure or discard loss-making and non-strategic investments across all its business lines.
  2. To expand and fortify the leading market position by rising profitably with and actively shaping the industry. Organic growth, reviews of sensible acquisitions and the development of partnerships. Development and promotion of strategic innovations to explore adjacent business opportunities.
  3. To improve customer satisfaction by investing in products, enhancing service offerings, and continuously improving processes. Products must be aligned with requirements of customers. Develop new technologies, new means of delivering services, and markets to boost competitiveness in the service companies.
  4. Sustainable business, both from an economical and an ecological sense, is the definitive goal of all the business segments and key decision-making processes. To reduce the average age of the corporate fleet and thus improve the ecological footprint to create a sustainable environment for the future generations.
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