15 Factors to Consider for Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

Strategic Partnerships & Alliances

  • Partnerships vis-a-vis mergers and acquisitions
  • Choice of partner vis-a-vis the alternatives
  • Appraisal of fitness (strategic, financial, operational, relational)
  • Conflicts in multi-partner alliances
  • Extent of partnership (progression, duration, termination)
  • Constitution of business elements and restrictions
  • Alignment of reporting structures and goals
  • Exclusivity, competition, technology transfer
  • Personnel and resource sharing and limitations thereof
  • Allocation of investments, proceeds, intellectual property, inventions
  • Future rights to business opportunities and licensing
  • Business processes and points of interaction
  • Governance and role of intermediary leadership
  • Structures for oversight and auditing
  • Management of the entire portfolio of strategic partnerships
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