Eight Characteristics of High-Performance Teams

High-performance culture

High-performing teams are powerful forces for culture change. The top management teams actively educate, coach, and cajole their colleagues, encouraging them to embrace moving to high-performance teams.

In addition, the top management team must live what it espouses and embody eight characteristics of high-performance teams:

  1. clear team goals
  2. right “players” in place
  3. lg8ti9 clear roles and responsibilities
  4. commitment to “winning” for the business over self-interest
  5. agreed-upon decision-making and leadership mechanism
  6. sense of ownership and accountability for business results
  7. comfort dealing with conflict
  8. periodic self-assessment

The leader of the senior team holds the key to culture change. However, culture change cannot be mandated. You cannot bring it about by fiat or by talking people into new ways of valuing, thinking, and behaving. Big bangs tend to lead to big commotion and few results.

Small-bite “incrementalism” risks being too slow and fragmented. So, identify a prime mover issue, work smartly and energetically to bring it about, and soon your culture will change—along with performance and results.

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