Woody Allen: Do Creative Work to Please Yourself, Not Others

Woody Allen: Do Creative Work to Please Yourself, Not Others

Folks find it hard to please themselves because they’re so busy trying to please everyone around them. People pleasing usually comes from a belief that other people’s happiness is more important than your own.

Work to please yourself, not others. Sometimes you may have a difficult boss, difficult customers, or difficult colleagues, or simply face a difficult situation. Make sure you don’t get discouraged and let your standards drop. Get out of your own comfort zone. Carry on working at a level where you feel proud of the work you deliver.

Here’s what Woody Allen had to say about creative work:

I’ve never written anything in my life or done any project that wasn’t what I wanted to do at the time. You really have to forget about what they call “career moves.” You just do what you want to do for your own sense of your creative life. If no one else wants to see it, that’s fine. Otherwise, you’re in the business to please other people.

Source: Woody Allen in an interview with Michiko Kakutani: The Paris Review, The Art of Humor No. 1, Fall 1995, No. 136.

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