Defining Project Expectations Up Front

Defining Project Expectations Up Front

Identifying and communicating project requirements and expectations between the project team, sponsors, and customers is most critical to the success of a project. Quite often, organizations precipitate into a project commitment and hurriedly move work along without taking the time in advance to plan, describe, and set expectations of the project. They rely on trial and error instead of communicating the deliverables, tools and procedures, timetables, in- and out-of-scope tasks, budgets, and responsibilities.

  • Describe the project’s requirements and deliverables. Document this clearly and precisely. This will make sure that the outputs meet the expectations.
  • Chart the timelines for each deliverable of the project. Set regular project milestones and project progress appraisals. This will help minimize confusions and classify problems with the project progress.
  • Identify the key metrics and reports for communicating the status of the project.
  • Identify and implement a process for managing changes in the project definition and deliverables. Ensure that the project team, sponsors, and customers buy into all the changes and commit resources.
  • Define and document procedures for escalation of problems with the project. The faster problems are identified in a project and escalated to the attention of the sponsors and team managers, the quicker a resolution can be identified and implemented.
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