Darwin Awards: Stupidity Keeps the Human Civilization Rolling

Darwin Awards: Stupidity Keeps the Human Civilization Rolling

The Darwin Awards are internet awards that are conferred every year on those who have made an invaluable contribution to evolution by— inadvertently— eliminating their weak genes from the reproductive process.

Candidates for the Darwin Awards are usually from the following categories: games and entertainment, work and industry, weapons and explosives, love, suicide, hunting, crime and punishment, traffic, religion, and medical treatment.

The winners of the Darwin Awards are dead; however, those who, as an outcome of their stupidity, have been sterilized, castrated, or otherwise reproductively challenged, have also been made eligible for the Award. Some examples:

  • Abraham Mosley: This 64-year-old throat-cancer patient tried to light a cigar in his Florida hospital and succeeded to set fire to both the bandage round his neck and to his pajamas. His vocal cords had been removed; so, he could not cry out for help and was hence burned alive in his bed.
  • A bungee-jumper who had appraised the length of his bungee rope against the depth of the gorge he was jumping from, but overlooked the fact that the rope was elastic and stretchy.
  • The leader of a Christian sect in Los Angeles who made a regular attempt to follow in Christ’s footsteps and “walk on water.” He died suddenly on 24-Nov-1999 when he slipped on a bar of soap while rehearsing in his bathtub.
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