Daily Bread for Spiritual Nourishment

Daily Bread for Spiritual Nourishment

Matthew 4:4 teaches “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God”

The sources of the energy and strength that sustains our lives must be replenished every so often. They do not come as a perpetual treasure that can be possessed to close, and then be inexhaustibly drawn upon, when and as needed. This is why we need daily bread. The living body quickly uses up its ingestion, and if life is to go on, the sustenance must be frequently replenished.

The life of the spirit, as well, needs continual nourishment. The bread of vision and faith that sustains it suffices only for a limited time. It is used up in the course of living, and there must be restitution if we are not to experience spiritual anemia.

Many people are affected with a malignant spiritual anemia without being conscious of it. Their bodies are well upholstered, but the spirit that animates the body with will and resolution, is often delicate and inept. Lethargic, indifferent, unsympathetic— they are like uncharged batteries. They find life a fatigued business, because they are without the vivacious energy with which the spirit generates the momentum and direction for living.

We renew the spirit’s sustenance in moments of prayer, when we institute contact with God who is the source of the will and purpose which permeates the life of the universe. We nourish the spirit when we enjoy fellowship with other men and women, whose spirits are well charged with the vivacious energies of life. Every experience of beauty and goodness yields a store of energy to reinforce us. The books we read, the people we associate with, the entertainment we enjoy—these are foodstuffs of the spirit, and they must be taken regularly as part of the incessant rhythm of living.

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