Find the Courage to Speak Out

Martin Luther King Jr Speaking out your mind is a fundamental skill to possess to live with zest, fulfill our dreams and desires and to make justice happen. But it is difficult to actually develop the courage to speak out. Speaking out when it matters is not about confronting people, it’s about standing up for what matters to us.

  • Distinguish between opinion and truth. Your opinions are not the truth or reality. Your opinions are simply your viewpoint on an event or a person. You are entitled to your opinion about an event and the right to express it. On the other hand, the truth is much deeper than opinions. It is about being authentic to your own self and what you believe in. Very often expressing your opinion will likely damage a relationship.
  • Let go of the inclination to speak out to administer how other people think. You cannot manage somebody else’s emotions. It is rather preposterous to assume that you have the power to influence somebody’s emotions. Simply speaking out to make a person change his or her mind is egotistical and controlling.
  • Focus on being sincere, not absolute. When your attempt to express your opinion is more about being right, you are not thinking rationally. You are attached to a particular outcome of the conversation irrespective of what the other thinks. Don’t give in the temptation to be right. The key to expressing your opinion is to assert your sincere feeling, not trying to dominate the other person with your conversation.
  • Practice, practice, practice. The greatest way to get better and improve your capability to speak out is to practice.
  • Conflict can be productive. In a team environment, if all the team members are in complete agreement all the time, there is trouble ahead. To drive better decisions and, a team must have differing opinions and be skilled enough to use that conflict productively. Therefore, team leaders are seeking out members who have differing opinions and have the courage to speak their minds even in the face of strong resistance to their ideas.

Don’t be reluctant to speak out with an unconventional view because you fear the outcome. Develop the courage to be willing to put your principles into action.

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