How to Complain Effectively

How You Can Effectively Complain

Complaining is sometimes necessary provided a genuine grievance exists. But habitual complainers have a negative effect on a workplace — they can drain workplace morale and productivity. They are seen by management as part of the problem and as not part of the solution. Here’s how to complain effectively:

  • Have a valid reason to complain
  • Verify the accuracy of your information. Be prepared to back up your complaint with facts and data
  • Choose an appropriate place and time
  • Use the chain of command. Communicate with the person in charge — the one who can change
  • State the problem succinctly
  • State the action you’d like taken and suggest alternate solutions.
  • Persist. Don’t give up.
  • If you get results, send a thank you email or make a call and acknowledge the effort put in

It is perfectly reasonable to complain. If done tactfully, you might even get the results you deserve.

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