Clarifying Expectations at Work

Clarifying Expectations Alfred P. Sloan the creator of General Motors once said, “The most important thing I ever learned about management is that the work must be done by other men.”

Delegation is the ability of getting things done through other people. Effective managers make it a priority to take into account the need for their employees’ development needs and delegate effectively.

Do your employees know what is expected of them? Do not assume that your employees know their jobs. Habitually, your employees may know the specifics of their job but lack the big-level picture of how their work affects the missions of their organization. Make it a priority to tell them and remind them of the importance of their work. When you delegate, explain to them the outcome of their task and the relevant context to broaden their perspective on the problem.

Do your employees know what they can expect from you? Do let them know that you are available for them and they can approach you for guidance. Customize your managerial style to each employee depending on his or her skills, experience and development needs. Experienced employees need no more than direction and occasional oversight. New hires often need an active coach and frequent interaction.

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