Change Management is about People Management

Change Management is about People Management

Most leaders are not satisfied about certain weaknesses with some areas of their organizations, but are not dissatisfied enough to actually do something about fixing these areas of weaknesses. Sadly, 90% of leaders fall is this category.

Why is it so change management is difficult? Why does organizational change run into the sand and end up stagnant after the initial enthusiasm wears away?

The reason change management is so difficult is that change management programs focus too much on changing systems, processes and procedures and not enough on changing people and the culture of the organization. Change management is about changing how you manage. Leaders can change the attitudes and actions of their employees by applying psychological breakthroughs that account for why people think and act as they do.

Effective change management has to start from the top. Leaders cannot delegate change management to others and, without investing their energies in engagement and serving as examples, organizational transformation is very unlikely.

Successful change management starts with the change in the leadership culture and then unfold into the middle management and ultimately to the rank-and-file employees. This is the only way to build momentum and get successive levels of employees buy into organizational change.

Getting employees to have an emotional response to a required new form of organizational behavior is not sufficient to convince them to adopt such behavior lastingly. Such change must also help the employees satisfy their instinctive desire to grow and their enthusiasm to contribute. When employees observe the new behavior’s meaning from this completely different perspective, namely their own and not simply as the need to adhere to a requirement imposed on them by leadership, they will doubtlessly never give it up.

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