Three Remarkable Don’ts for Better Productivity

Better Productivity

Get everything done is all about effective time and task management and developing a robust system for personal organization. It is possible to find spare time in your day simply by reorganizing the way in which you approach your work and taking a hard look at each area of your working life and explore what you can change by simply not doing you should not be doing? Delve into the following three areas and see where you can make improvements, allow yourself to put more time into the things that really matter.

  1. Don’t do everything on your to do list. Many are big fans of the to do list. But they are simply not able to get them to work. They never get more than a third of the way down their to do lists. And, for every item that they cross off the list, they think of another three items to add to it. They end up with large, ever-growing list of things that get postponed from day to day. To improve your productivity, question everything you add to your to do list. Instead of trying to figure out the importance and urgency of a task, ask if it needs doing at all.
  2. Don’t make your system very complicated. Many popular systems of managing time and task focus more on the capturing and processing tasks and projects than on actually actual doing the work captured. These systems are overly complicated. They have a huge overhead. They are too difficult to understand and implement. Explore all the systems for time and task management out there. Try them all out and choose the one that works for you and discard the other ideas. Keep it simple.
  3. Don’t strive to do more. Traditional wisdom is that hard work pays off, and that the harder and more you work, the more productive you become. It’s really a paradox. The most successful people work fewer hours compared to the poorest, lowest-paid workers. You do not have to be a road warrior. A few well-chosen goals can sharpen focus and boost productivity. Too many lead to stress and even disaster.
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