Ten Ways to Be More Optimistic


Physical and mental health is the greatest of human blessings. Decline in one’s physical and mental health is very widespread. This is the most feared consequences of the aging process. When you take care of your physical and mental health, you will gain a new perspective that can help you accomplish much more.

Hopefulness and confidence coerces our world forward, and cynicism, glumness and negativity slows it down. Accordingly, the positive outcome of good physical and mental health on the body’s immune system through the increased production of a chemical called Serotonin, the “happiness hormone.” Research has demonstrated that Serotonin influences one’s feelings of well-being. It makes one feel more well heeled, serene, and even peaceful. The majority of anti-depressants work by enhancing the production of serotonin chemically.

  • Have a smile on your face and laughter in your heart. People who laugh frequently and have a sense of humor actually live longer than those who don’t. Smiling gives you a boost of cheerfulness.
  • Engage in a cerebral conversation. A lively conversation can be refreshing. Debate the pros and cons of a topic of your choosing with a friend or colleague.
  • Glass Half Full Learn how to manage and change your feelings. Making your feelings work for you instead of letting your feelings control you can have a massive effect on your life.
  • Rejoice in the wonders of life. Learn to appreciate all that you have. Be thankful for the smallest things. Look around, you can always find something in my life for which to be grateful.
  • Stop thinking in absolutes. There is good and bad in all individuals. One and all needs your love and charity. Therefore, tread life humbly and deal graciously with the circumstances of life.
  • Find your personal calling. Develop a mission statement and describe how you intend to invest your energy, skills, strength and your blessings. Each of our personal callings is as unique as our fingerprints. Discover what you love. Offer it to others in the form of service.
  • Develop a good character. Reflect on the value system you have been raised with. Interrogate it. Decide for yourself your values and ethics and live them consistently. Your character will lead to indomitable self-confidence and intrinsic optimism.
  • Identify opportunity in every conversation. Opportunity is your key to connect with your goals. Speaking positively invigorates your spirit and surmounts self-doubt. Given a place in our thoughts, fear, like an insidious virus, can permeate the whole state of mind and block your positive attitude.
  • Learn to forgive. Forgiveness is essential for your wellbeing. To err is human, but to forgive is human, too. Forgiveness is nothing more than acknowledging that the person who harmed you is more than just the person. Try this exercise on forgiveness: when you recall those who have hurt you, despite your reluctance to let go of your anger and the urge to satisfy your sense of justice, wish them well.
  • Make your dreams happen. The main obstruction to turning your knowledge into actions and your dreams into reality is the propensity to consider talking about something as correspondent to taking action about it. Pay the price to make your dreams come true. Dream big and dare to go all out to achieve them.

Remember, you will not get to the top of your game without confidence and dreaming big. To realize your potential, start to believe in yourself. You don’t have to be perfect, just be courageous and do the best you can. Life is short. Do your best and follow your heart.

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