Be Hit with your Customers by Adopting Ten Traits

Hit with your Customers

A professional who delights a customer builds a huge pool of goodwill and positive word of mouth for his company, his team, and for himself. Employees don’t need to be too creative or imaginative to wow the customers they serve. All they need to do is treat customers as they would like to be treated if they were themselves in the customer’s shoes:

  1. Listen-ability. Asking coherent questions and listening with great attention with an intent to add value to the customer.
  2. Imagination. Going beyond the accepted procedures once in a while to try something new and add to the delight of customers.
  3. Congeniality. Being forthcoming and appreciate the variety and individuality of people.
  4. Hard, steady work. Doing what’s necessary and going beyond within the framework to help customers succeed.
  5. Prudence. Balancing the specifics with the overall picture, weighing the cost versus the benefits and making logical decisions.
  6. Individuality. Inventing new ways of doing things, if it works for the customer without additional resources.
  7. Passion. Uncovering and mapping customer journeys with creative, innovative action.
  8. Trust. Cultivating the outlook that all people are worth trusting.
  9. Flexibility. Being compliant yet pliable and adapting to altering conditions.
  10. Cheerfulness. Taking a positive view, embracing constraints as a source of creativity, and focusing on the positive before the negative.
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